Thursday, February 4, 2010

Words of Rhyme

I've only written 2 poems that I'm proud of. One is called 'Veins and Scars.' The other is 'Fly Away.' They are based on 2 different guys. The first is about my ex and the second is about my current boyfriend. 'Veins and Scars' is about Xander, my ex, and 'Fly Away' is about my current boyfriend, Kyle.

Veins and Scars

I run my fingertips across each vein while questioning about each scar
I expect you to be looking down in disgust, but it never seems you are
I silently thank you in the back of my mind
Because it seems to be a comfort of some bizarre kind
I sometimes wonder what you're thinking of me as i perform such a strange act
But you've never turned me down, not once, and that seems to be a fact
Your veins appear to be the proof of life in you
While your scars show all of the things you've had to go through
But as i admire you, so proud and so strong,
I can't help but notice that something is wrong
You have scars on your arms that are usually hidden
And these are the ones caused by something forbidden
But as much as i know they should make me sad,
I just look at them as wounds from past battles you've had
Battles against emotions, and battles against yourself
Trophies that are set upon an old, dusty shelf
So i still sit there, running my fingertips across each vein and questioning about each scar
And i silently admire the person you are
So proud and so strong
Even with everything that's ever gone wrong

Fly Away

You say I feel nothing
You wonder and want
You say you want something
But just don't know what
I've left you with scars you just can't erase
And you'll leave me with scars that I'm too scared to face
It scares me to think that soon you will leave
And as much as I tell you, you still don't believe that I care, and I love you, and want you to stay
But you want to be free, you want a new way
So you'll leave, you'll go, you'll soon fly away
Feeling victorious because you've gone to save the day

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